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Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing
Easy Card Services,provides your business to accept all forms of Payment Processing, including all the major Credit Cards, and Debit/Check Cards. Whether you are a new business or an existing business, the ability to accept all forms of payment is imperative for your success. Credit Card usage has been increasing at least 15% annually for the past 5 years. Debit/Check card usage is has increased at an even higher rate. Retail merchants can anticipate that at least 50% of their customers will present a Debit/Check Card for payment.

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Merchants Volume per month:                             Processing Fee Percentage ($29.95)
$25,000                                                             .12%
$50,000                                                             .059%
$100,000                                                           .023%
$150,000                                                           .019%
$200,000                                                           .015%

Retail Merchants process transactions when a customer is present and their credit card is swiped either through a point of sale device.
The merchant is required to swipe 80% of their customers Credit Cards to maintain this classification. If the merchant hand keys more than 20% of their transactions, they are classified as a MOTO (Mail-Order / Telephone-Order) merchant.