About Us

Easy Card Service

Easy Card Service is committed to excellence in all aspects of our merchant services relationships. We offer competitive rates for your credit card processing needs and a wide variety of credit card terminals.  We're here 24/7/365 to ensure merchant satisfaction and rapid problem resolution. Retail, home based, mail-order, or Internet; we do it all.

Here are our companies main operating goals:


We believe that your business will be more profitable using our low processing rates. We do not believe in establishing a rate for you that can be beat later by our competition. Our rates are essentially the same for everyone. Unlike most competitors, we are not trying to provide a new account, or quote you a rate on an existing account to see how much we can make. The rates are simply what they are.


We realize that the most common reasons a customer is lost to the competition is because they were able to lower the rates the merchant is paying. If the rate we provide you is not possible to be beaten we essentially eliminate customer attrition. Secondly, customer service; we believe each and every one of our clients needs are important. Our agents are committed to serving our clients and will see to it that all needs are attended to in a timely manner. We believe that it's a lot easier to keep an existing customer than it is to find a new one.


There a many different processing companies offering a variety of services. You will find with Easy Card Services a custom program to fit all your needs. We offer a wide variety of terminals whether countertop, wireless, virtual; we also offer many software programs to work within the realms of your existing system.  We also have developed relationships with many of the national touch screen and software providers, which allows for our merchants to receive discounted rates on their systems when partnering with Easy Card Services.

We look forward to meeting and exceeding your needs,

Jan A. Petsolt, CEO